Landscape Art and Design

Inspired By Nature

Designs that tell stories of a place and its inhabitants


It all begins with process. Maybe you want to revitalize a community space or maybe you want to plant a community garden. Or maybe you have a creative project that will bring your community in to focus. Whatever it is, I can help to engage people of all ages in creating a shared community space.

Public Art

It starts with an idea. Does your community need a focal point or a point of orientation? Maybe you want to simply beautify your community or tell a story. Public art can often entice your deepest emotions. Its about inspiring dialogue.

Landscape Design

Whether its your private sanctuary or the public realm, there are many creative ways to bring beauty and function together. Reducing maintenance, adding privacy and better organizing your garden space to meet your family’s needs are all achievable through professional planning and design. Whatever the solutions, know that they are creatively inspired by nature.


Residential Design

“We love spending time in our new backyard- entertaining by the fire bowl, harvesting our garden and even taking care of the plants. Dolores helped us to imagine, plan and manage construction of our fantastic outdoor living space. Dolores’s experience and communication skills made our project go smoothly, quickly and easily” – Bill and Rachel (Owners)


Artech Neighbourhood Park

Concept Sketches

Miller Residence

Marshall/Standfield Residence